“my body is screaming, my face is red” by Liia

Just today, Liia, a solo noise project by a friend of mine, released her debut: a 22-track noise album, my body is screaming, my face is red, recorded entirely on a trombone in a single, continuous take (no overdubs) acoustically, underground. The album is a powerful testament of trans woman rage, screams transmuted into the sheer sound of brass.


Moor Mother

To kick off Guillozine, we’ll review Moor Mother, the solo experimental Afrofuturist noise project of Camae Ayewa. It’s not for nothing that even such mainstream, corporate outlets as Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, and The Wire all acclaimed her 2016 album Fetish Bones as one of the best avant-garde albums of the year. While this is her most well-known album, all of her releases are definitely worth at least a listen. Her work is explicitly and thoroughly political (take, for example, her EP Thank you Dear Sister Assata / Angela Speaks, which, as the name implies, includes vocals from speeches by Assata Shakur and Angela Davis), and benefits from this focus–as she said in an interview with The Fader, “I’m slipping them the liberation technology into the droney beats”.